What is a Chiropractic Adjustments?

Are Chiropractic adjustments safe?  Chiropractic adjustments are considered very safe with few side effects.  Those few side effects can be avoided if a proper and thorough examination is performed prior to treatment.  For more evidence based information on the safety and effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments please refer to the following research:

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What is a chiropractic adjustment and why does it work?  The answer is complex and simple.  All joints in the human body have receptors that tell our brain how much force is being compressed, stretched, and twisted through the joints.  These same receptors tell our brain where our body is in space so that we can efficiently move to complete daily tasks without injuring ourselves.   Life throws a variety of forces into our bodies and joints, which can cause changes in these receptors.  if a joint is stuck in a funny position, not moving, or takes too much force it will cause surrounding muscles to become weak, or go into spasms causing pain.  This is when most people seek chiropractic care due to the pain they are feeling.  

How does an adjustment help?  When a chiropractic adjustment is performed on a joint the receptors are reset which allows muscle spasms to relax, or weak muscles to become strong.  Once the joint is moving correctly the body can function properly without putting too much force through a single joint.  This is why you hear stories of people walking into chiropractic offices bent over in pain and walking out standing upright.  

Why do some people respond quicker than others?  This answer is complex.  It is my personal feeling that most chiropractors are not able to correctly identify which joints are affected, and which directions they need to be adjusted to correct the issues.  There are literally thousands of combinations that can occur to cause pain and joint dysfunctions.  I try to use a thorough assessment to correctly diagnose which joints, nerves, and muscles are having trouble, but there is no perfect system.  Other reasons for varied results include hydration, nutritional status, toxicity of the body, mental stress and anxiety etc.